Over the years of my life, I have almost always had an old vehicle… I have restored many of them, and some I just ‘bought that way’ and drove the wheels off of it. I am not a ‘get it and show it’ guy… rather… “drive that thing” is where I have always lived, and yes… there have been occasions when you just have to stop and work on it, too!

1958 F100

I’ve driven this truck from Phoenix, Arizona to Austin, Texas THREE times, as of this posting (05/2020). It is my only four-wheeled vehicle… my other two are my Harley and my Bianchi bicycle… love, love, LOVE this old truck.

1954 REO

This was an old farm truck from the family farm. I restored it, drove and used it quite a bit, then shipped it back up to the farm where it was used in weddings and parades.

1963 Impala

Back in 1984, I snagged this 1963 Impala.

1954 Chevy Truck

This is actually the first vehicle I restored. I snagged it from a ditch in Pflugerville, TX in 1979.

1984 F150

This was my late-brother’s truck. I inherited when he died in Warsaw, Missouri. Instead of flying back to Phoenix, I drove it back. It was all original and white.

A video of the restored truck. I’ve driven this truck to/from Phoenix, Arizona and Austin, Texas six-times (during the restoration, too).
1965 Buick Skylark

I bought this one from Payson, Arizona. Drove the wheels off of it, too.

1955 Ford Customline

I snagged this 1955 Ford Customline from the original owner while I was attending college in Dallas, TX of 1986. Ended up driving it over to SoCal in 1987, too.

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