Tea and Sympathy

July 16
Psalm 40:2-3, Psalm 42:5, Psalm 147:11

Today’s devotional encourages us to avoid falling into pitying ourselves and getting lost in ‘our demise’.  Lingering there leads to an ugly darkness and ultimately hopeless depression, separation, and even death.  The key component begins with getting stuck thinking of yourself and your woes, which is a trait of selfishness.

Our Father is our only hope for getting and staying out of this deep, ugly place.  Especially because we are then focused on Him, and potentially those around us… And selflessness can begin.

His ray-of-hope can reach any depth, so rest in knowing His peace will touch you.  But, don’t get trapped resorting to that knowledge and going ahead and allowing yourself to sink deeper! Even thinking, since He can find me anywhere, I’ll just keep sinking and give my sorrow more time ‘work itself out‘  See…  When you are sinking, you are not looking up with hope, but down with despair.

Looking up is not enough though, even though His light reaches the deepest depth.  It is your act of reaching up to Him to take His hand, your action of trust that He will ‘draw near to you‘, too.  Also, notice that we are not ‘instantly’ out of the depth, so our trust (and grip) must remain focused. He will gently pull us back out of that mire, that place of anguish, guilt, and shame.

As we are coming out into His light, our sin (the anguish, guilt, and shame) are gently cleansed from our lives, and He covers us with His righteousness…  and sets us back on the path of His will, the path of His leading, which is the path of His life itself.

Restoration is such a wonderful and completing process.

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Published by G.W. Bill Elliott, Jr

Bill is a born-again, yielded, devoted servant and follower of our Lord Jesus Christ, whose “heartbeat” is to glorify Him in his personal, family, ministry and leadership roles and in his relationships with others.

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