Sparrows and Ants; Fancy Pants

Not sure how you grew up, but me… I’ll bet I was well into my teens before ‘the future’ really crossed my mind. Sure, I worried about attending an upcoming concert, the weekend camping trip, maybe even a hint of a concern about the weather for a vacation trip. Otherwise, I don’t recall being allContinue reading “Sparrows and Ants; Fancy Pants”

Quiet Trusting Baby Steps

Not sure about you, but sometimes I find it hard to start something or commit to something when I think/feel there are too many steps, unsettled details, or even if it’s just ‘too complicated’ or confusing. Over the course of my life though, I have been learning to break-it-down into smaller, manageable pieces… keeping theirContinue reading “Quiet Trusting Baby Steps”

Perseverance Preserved

There have been times when I inherited someone else’s project, and had to get my head/heart wrapped around their original vision, or intent/goal for the goal and intent of it all. Until I actually ‘took ownership’, it was really just a half-hearted responsibility I was fulfilling. Today’s devotional touches on that same lackadaisical way weContinue reading “Perseverance Preserved”

Freedom of Commitment

  July 22 I know, ‘commitment’ does not seem like it has anything to do with freedom. Rather, it denotes the exact opposite.  With things of the world, with temporal goals, with tangible life this is certainly true.  It is not about freedom ‘from’ commitment, it is the freedom we obtain ‘of’ the commitment. Today’sContinue reading “Freedom of Commitment”

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