The Nod of God

So much of our lives seems overwhelmed with a need or want for acceptance, approval, and maybe just simple assurance that who we are, how we do what we do, and the ways we’ve applied our lives in this world is pleasing to God. Sure, there are many who don’t (or claim to not) believeContinue reading “The Nod of God”

Inner Sense of Innocence

Oh, to be a child again, huh? Sure, we all have those thoughts on occasion… more and more frequently as we face toils, fears, anxieties from our world. To ‘run home to mommy/daddy’, sometimes seems like the only valid choice at times! Those days of innocence are quite envying, but we all know we can’tContinue reading “Inner Sense of Innocence”

Gotch’er Back

Tumult, discord, chaos, or even just simple confusion are all mechanisms of fear… and Satan loves using fear to set us back on our heels, to cause doubt, or merely to cause us to pause long enough to just miss a ‘divine appointment’. Our devotional today helps remind us that fear can actually be aContinue reading “Gotch’er Back”

Choose Love, Not Fear

Sure, who wouldn’t choose love over fear? All too often though, we are inadvertently allowing fear to choose for us due to some deeply hidden and buried traits in our lives. Sure, we can live ‘happily ever-after’ without ever digging into the deeper wounds, deeper fears, deeper traits, but Jesus said, “I am come thatContinue reading “Choose Love, Not Fear”

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