Everyone Gets God; NOT

Now, it is not that every ‘gets‘ Him, as-in understands; it’s a ‘gets‘ Him, as-in accepts. Both are actually very true statements, however hard it may be to actually prove either. But, the core point is that we consider how odd it is that God has made Himself wholly available to everyone… well… sort ofContinue reading “Everyone Gets God; NOT”

If the Lord Doesn’t Want To

Ever thought about that? The things the He doesn’t want to do in your life, or even in the world in general. So often we’re hoping He ‘allows’ us to do things; to accomplish tasks, projects, life-dreams; to enjoy a fuller life; to be safe/secure. Too often, we’re really just doing enough just to getContinue reading “If the Lord Doesn’t Want To”

None of Your Busyness

One of the very easiest ways to answer Jesus’ invitation to come to Him, is; stop letting things keep you from Him! Easier said than done, I know SO well, but if you take a moment to consider that our busyness really pulls us from His invitation to fellowship with Him, so setting aside theContinue reading “None of Your Busyness”

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