The Gain of Loss

We don’t set out to lose our souls, in fact we are born with our being in a ‘lost’ state, or ‘lost’ realm… a disconnect, if you will. Proof is, we work, toil, and ‘build memories’ trying so hard to ‘fund ourselves, justify our presence on this planet, and worse, bring meaning/understanding to the purposeContinue reading “The Gain of Loss”

Thwarting God

No, we should not plan to thwart God, we should not set out to undermine His will, His leading, even His calling (on you, or others). Sure, He is The Almighty God, The Everlasting, The King of kings, so who would even try to thwart Him? It’d be an exercise in futility, surely. But, weContinue reading “Thwarting God”

Quiet Trusting Baby Steps

Not sure about you, but sometimes I find it hard to start something or commit to something when I think/feel there are too many steps, unsettled details, or even if it’s just ‘too complicated’ or confusing. Over the course of my life though, I have been learning to break-it-down into smaller, manageable pieces… keeping theirContinue reading “Quiet Trusting Baby Steps”

Waiting for Happiness

Yea… sounds kind of dumb to ‘wait’ for happiness, peace, serenity, even just simple ‘ole “sadlessness“, but too often that is actually what we are doing; looking for a happier time; anticipating the weekend, a vacation, or even just a night-out; looking forward to retirement, or just the calming Holiday Season. But, our Father hasContinue reading “Waiting for Happiness”

Wearing Your Bearings

What? Bearings as in Ball Bearings? No, those are rarely worn, if ever. But Bearings as in ‘directions’, or ‘route’, even a ‘destination point’… those bearings. Now, wearing them may seem odd, but you know me… I’m aiming to show you not only why, but how. Today’s devotional is actually close to the Wandering You one in-thatContinue reading “Wearing Your Bearings”

Wandering You

Walking or traveling along a straight line or path is the shortest and most efficient means to travel from Point A to Point B. That’s all well and good as long as you are not inside a house or building (trying to get from the kitchen to the bathroom, say), or not in Manhattan (tryingContinue reading “Wandering You”

Strength of Weakness

Overwhelmed, is not a pleasant feeling/experience. Inability has a demoralizing impact on our lives. Even just our deteriorating bodies can wear on our spirits, our hearts, our very lives. Sure, it is a fact we are getting older, it is a fact we have inadequacies, it is a fact we encounter ‘bigger than us’ momentsContinue reading “Strength of Weakness”

Perseverance Preserved

There have been times when I inherited someone else’s project, and had to get my head/heart wrapped around their original vision, or intent/goal for the goal and intent of it all. Until I actually ‘took ownership’, it was really just a half-hearted responsibility I was fulfilling. Today’s devotional touches on that same lackadaisical way weContinue reading “Perseverance Preserved”

Wither Goest Thou

Many times in my life, I’ve been ashamed, embarrassed, or just plain dissatisfied with my own ‘self’, my own being, my own performance or actions. Frankly, I have more of a tendency to faltering, falling short, or certainly disappointing those around me and it IS disheartening, discouraging, and certainly unsatisfactory to me (I know IContinue reading “Wither Goest Thou”

Dress Reversal

Anytime there is a ‘big event’, there is typically a dress rehearsal, or at least a dry-run pass for it. As you know, this process allows all parties/participants involved to ‘pre-experience’ how the event may go. But it also helps to expose and work out any kinks, errors, timing quirks, and it especially helps theContinue reading “Dress Reversal”

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