Let Them Suffer

We have had occasion to discuss today’s devotional a couple times in recent months, so this title may sound familiar… or, it may actually confuse you, too. Letting others suffer seems SO contrary to the message of Jesus, the compassion He has instilled in our hearts, and the reward of hope we have realized… butContinue reading “Let Them Suffer”

Go On, Admitted It

Jesus is not a crutch; He’s the whole hospital! He can repair your brokenness.  He can heal your diseases.  He can transplant your sinful heart.  He can breathe new life into your lungs.  He can straighten and strengthen your spine.  He can bring sight to the blind.  He can revive your very soul.  We justContinue reading “Go On, Admitted It”

…But Wait!

The deal keeps getting better and better… those infomercials selling gadgets, gizmos, and home-item trinkets all have that one recurring theme of “…but wait” as they are working to impress you enough to make that sale. The longer you ‘do’ wait, the better and more unbelievable the deal does get… to the point you feelContinue reading “…But Wait!”

Pay Attention, Here’s Your Change

To my knowledge, I’ve never been in a coma. I have be so focused and attentive to something at times that I miss many other things going on right around me, be it; a crash or accident, the sudden death of a loved one, or even something as simple stopping a sudden plumbing leak. WeContinue reading “Pay Attention, Here’s Your Change”

Won’t Do Us Part

Today is certainly one of those “even death won’t do us part” days, for it is actually the topic for our August 14th devotional in the Jesus Calling series, but even better… it finally is the day I marry a dear, dear woman; María. Now, God tells over-n-again that He will never leave us, thatContinue reading “Won’t Do Us Part”

None of Your Busyness

One of the very easiest ways to answer Jesus’ invitation to come to Him, is; stop letting things keep you from Him! Easier said than done, I know SO well, but if you take a moment to consider that our busyness really pulls us from His invitation to fellowship with Him, so setting aside theContinue reading “None of Your Busyness”

One Good Deep Deserves Another

I know, it’s a funky title for a devotional and normally I would agree, but our devotional today is admonition for the deeper life in the Lord. I know, that too is an old story and something of a cliché saying buzzing around these days. But, I read through Psalms 42:7, which states; “Deep callethContinue reading “One Good Deep Deserves Another”


Of all the beings God created, mankind is the only one to use words and language to communicate with each other. There are so many languages and so many inflections, tones, and contexts, even moods that can impact how these words are received by others. Of late, it seems as though the only time IContinue reading “Wordsmithing”

Time Isn’t Money

There are a number of things I dislike passionately, and one of them more than the others; getting the waning a fleeting moments of someone’s time for whom I’d waited and waited to spend quality time. Maybe I need or want that person too much, or maybe I value their presence so much that IContinue reading “Time Isn’t Money”

Frazzle Beater

There are so many things I could be doing, so many things I need to do, and so many things I want to do… it’s frazzling to try scheduling the time, coordinating efforts with others (we don’t live in a vacuum, right!), and all too often some crisis or emergency trumps all those plans andContinue reading “Frazzle Beater”

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