A Fresh Breath of Joy

Have you ever tried to be sad, somber, or depressed when good things are happening, or when celebration is in the air, or when your day is perking along fine-n-dandy? No! Who would, right? Sure, when ‘all is well’, being happy, excited, and finding joy in the moment is second nature; something of a normalContinue reading “A Fresh Breath of Joy”

Joy Regardlessly

I am not a fan of Luck; it can go one of two ways. When you have a ‘streak of bad luck’, you don’t know why; when you have a ‘streak of good luck’, you also don’t really know why. We get taunted with the whole ‘thank your lucky stars’ concept, or the Karma concept,Continue reading “Joy Regardlessly”

Guilty by Reason of Calamity

No one really knows the intents of the heart, the core thing(s) that motivate us to do and to be like we are… many times, we don’t even understand them ourselves. Too often, we go through the motions. In many ways ‘powering through’ some crisis or event for the sake of impressions, or your commitmentContinue reading “Guilty by Reason of Calamity”

A Man of Inaction

Reading back through history, we’d be hard pressed to find any commentary or reference to ‘when times were faster’. Often, we stop and recognize just how fast-paced life is now, compared to yesterday… we bustle, we hustle, we scurry, we flurry. We rarely have any time in our past that was ‘a faster paced life’…Continue reading “A Man of Inaction”

Presence Presents

July 21 I, for one, am a huge fan of resting, of taking breaks, and even ‘time off’ time.  Longer ones are certainly fulfilling, but even short spontaneous breaks can be so refreshing…  they are kind of little gifts or presents to ourselves. Time with our Lord is identical in that, the longer breaks areContinue reading “Presence Presents”

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