Everyone Gets God; NOT

Now, it is not that every ‘gets‘ Him, as-in understands; it’s a ‘gets‘ Him, as-in accepts. Both are actually very true statements, however hard it may be to actually prove either. But, the core point is that we consider how odd it is that God has made Himself wholly available to everyone… well… sort ofContinue reading “Everyone Gets God; NOT”

Wither Goest Thou

Many times in my life, I’ve been ashamed, embarrassed, or just plain dissatisfied with my own ‘self’, my own being, my own performance or actions. Frankly, I have more of a tendency to faltering, falling short, or certainly disappointing those around me and it IS disheartening, discouraging, and certainly unsatisfactory to me (I know IContinue reading “Wither Goest Thou”

Dress Reversal

Anytime there is a ‘big event’, there is typically a dress rehearsal, or at least a dry-run pass for it. As you know, this process allows all parties/participants involved to ‘pre-experience’ how the event may go. But it also helps to expose and work out any kinks, errors, timing quirks, and it especially helps theContinue reading “Dress Reversal”

Tooty Fruity

The Bible tells me that I should not get weary from doing well, that I should not fret over seeing immediate results, the fruits of my labor, or even just the difference I may be making in this world. Our devotional today is an encouragement about this, and reminder that He does know our labors,Continue reading “Tooty Fruity”

None of Your Busyness

One of the very easiest ways to answer Jesus’ invitation to come to Him, is; stop letting things keep you from Him! Easier said than done, I know SO well, but if you take a moment to consider that our busyness really pulls us from His invitation to fellowship with Him, so setting aside theContinue reading “None of Your Busyness”

The Letter ‘R’

Our devotional today ends up showing us how one little letter, the letter ‘R’, can make such a difference in our lives and in our walk with the Lord. First, we read in Isaiah 61:10, “I will greatly rejoice in the Lord, my soul shall be joyful in my God; for he hath clothed meContinue reading “The Letter ‘R’”

Hand in Hand

Call me silly, a romantic, or maybe just plain loopy, but I thoroughly enjoy walking along hand-in-hand, don’t you? First, the touch is an amazing feeling, then the feeling of a deeper connection is there, and then there’s the sense of security and companionship combined, which all culminate into a wonderful completeness. Our devotional todayContinue reading “Hand in Hand”


Of all the beings God created, mankind is the only one to use words and language to communicate with each other. There are so many languages and so many inflections, tones, and contexts, even moods that can impact how these words are received by others. Of late, it seems as though the only time IContinue reading “Wordsmithing”

Time Isn’t Money

There are a number of things I dislike passionately, and one of them more than the others; getting the waning a fleeting moments of someone’s time for whom I’d waited and waited to spend quality time. Maybe I need or want that person too much, or maybe I value their presence so much that IContinue reading “Time Isn’t Money”

Divine Inseparability

Firsthand, I know how wrenching it is to be separated from someone who is so very close to me. That horrible emptiness, loneliness, and loss has two distinct sides; 1) missing the qualities in that person’s presence, and 2) selfishly losing the companionship, the sense of belonging, and worse, the inescapable feeling of abandonment. OurContinue reading “Divine Inseparability”

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