There You Don’t Go

“Blood is thicker than water“, “Friends don’t let friends…“, “Until death do us part“, and a small flurry of other ‘no matter what you do’ sayings that define how permanent many relationships are. But, they are faulty; because there is separation, there is division, there is abandonment in this world. Somehow, somewhere, sometime, there isContinue reading “There You Don’t Go”

Sparrows and Ants; Fancy Pants

Not sure how you grew up, but me… I’ll bet I was well into my teens before ‘the future’ really crossed my mind. Sure, I worried about attending an upcoming concert, the weekend camping trip, maybe even a hint of a concern about the weather for a vacation trip. Otherwise, I don’t recall being allContinue reading “Sparrows and Ants; Fancy Pants”

Synchronize Your Spirit

I know, the typical phrase is, “synchronize your watch”, so pardon me as I make a spiritual reference to that well established phrase. Way too many times through my day, through my week, through my life I have gotten my spirit sort of out-of-sync. Something of a disjointed feeling, or ‘pending doom’, or maybe evenContinue reading “Synchronize Your Spirit”

Shhhh… D’Ya Hear That?

How many times have we heard that? Someone telling us to be quiet so we can ‘hear that’; like we can hear what they are hearing… or, think they are hearing. Yet, we attempt to eliminate ‘other noises’ to better help us identify ‘that sound’. Our devotional today goes along those same lines… quieting ourselvesContinue reading “Shhhh… D’Ya Hear That?”

Get Ready To Relax

Odd title, I know. At the drop of a hat, if not sooner, I can be in rest-mode… and linger there for a seemingly endless span if time. Who needs to ‘prepare’ to relax, anyway? Well, our devotional today actually reflects on our ‘before your day begins’ time. One of the very hardest things toContinue reading “Get Ready To Relax”

Consider the Source

So many times through my life, I’ve had others slander, accuse, misunderstand, and even misrepresent me… and these ‘character slaughter’ actions are so hard to overlook, so hard to get over, and especially very hard to refrain applying my own vengeful version of retaliation in return! But, many years ago, the Lord quickened my heartContinue reading “Consider the Source”

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