Surrender to Victory

I know, surrendering is typically considered defeat. Victory and winning are two different things, too. Too often in our lives, we win (succeed), but don’t actually enjoy/realize victory. Seems very odd, I know, but our devotional today reminds us that surrender with the Lord results in victory with the Lord… not against the Lord, butContinue reading “Surrender to Victory”

Pull Up a Chair

“Pull Up a Chair”… Now that’s a phrase that just exudes, ‘grab a spot, I’ve something you’ll want to hear’. We seem to naturally do that when our favorite sport game is on, or when you have an opportunity to have an exchange with someone (or a group) who share your hobby interest or passionContinue reading “Pull Up a Chair”

Wait For It…

In my life, I have been referred to as ‘having the patience of Job’, but there was a younger-years time in my life when I wanted ‘now’ things to occur. The whole waiting proposition was rarely considered. As our instant gratification society continues it’s technological trend, this makes it harder and harder to Wait ForContinue reading “Wait For It…”

Wait Gain

No, not weight gain; wait gain. They sound the same, but today’s devotional is not about our physical appearance and fitness, but about our spiritual appearance and fitness. See, Ephesians 6:12 states, “For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, againstContinue reading “Wait Gain”


I know, yet another non-word I am using in the title, but our devotional today has us reflecting (and hopefully yearning) for the rest and refreshing impact our Lord can have in our lives. Me? Too often, I find myself scurrying through life considering all the ways I can improve it (financially, emotionally, spiritually) andContinue reading “RestFreshment”

…But Wait!

The deal keeps getting better and better… those infomercials selling gadgets, gizmos, and home-item trinkets all have that one recurring theme of “…but wait” as they are working to impress you enough to make that sale. The longer you ‘do’ wait, the better and more unbelievable the deal does get… to the point you feelContinue reading “…But Wait!”

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