Quiet Trusting Baby Steps

Not sure about you, but sometimes I find it hard to start something or commit to something when I think/feel there are too many steps, unsettled details, or even if it’s just ‘too complicated’ or confusing. Over the course of my life though, I have been learning to break-it-down into smaller, manageable pieces… keeping theirContinue reading “Quiet Trusting Baby Steps”

Wearing Your Bearings

What? Bearings as in Ball Bearings? No, those are rarely worn, if ever. But Bearings as in ‘directions’, or ‘route’, even a ‘destination point’… those bearings. Now, wearing them may seem odd, but you know me… I’m aiming to show you not only why, but how. Today’s devotional is actually close to the Wandering You one in-thatContinue reading “Wearing Your Bearings”

Source Control

As a programmer, I use the term Source Control to explain how ‘source code’ (the program and files) are stored and controlled for safe and secure keeping. Oddly, our closeness to the Lord has many of the same characteristics. Our devotional today reminds me that His protection and fellowship is best when I remain closeContinue reading “Source Control”

Attention to Derail

No, today’s devotional is not about train safety, or rail-yard protocol. Too very often, my spirit, my trust in the Lord, my peace and hope in Him… are derailed by giving too much attention to temporal things; be it financial woes, family concerns, or even the never tiring political & social struggles. I just endContinue reading “Attention to Derail”

Footfalls of Faith

As I walk around, most of the time I hold my head up and my eyes are on my path, my course, and the ‘road ahead’, as it were. Rarely do I look down and watch my feet as I walk… I don’t need to make sure they are following the commands of my nervous-system…Continue reading “Footfalls of Faith”

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