No… this is not where I ‘make notes’ and scratch the various outlines and notes for the writings here on this site.  This is actually a page for the ‘devotionals’ I have written.   Someone recently told me that the ‘stories’ on this site here are ‘great’ (yea, I heard a ‘but’ coming too), but “I want it shorter, quicker, kinda ‘get to the point’ and move on” sort of presentation.  Reminded me of using “Cliff Notes” for learning some larger, in-depth content and just getting ‘the highlights’.


Well, listen up… God is NOT about the quick-n-easy.  His lessons, His grace, and certainly His love-transfer takes time, takes patience, and most importantly takes detail.  None-the-less, these Devotional Writings can help you ‘get the point’ and move right along, as needed.

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