These are some of the stories I have developed over the years. Many read like conversations (my writing style), because they actually were snippets of conversation I had with people in my life and am even having now with you. Someone once shared with me “not everything has to be a life-lesson” and I truly ‘get’ that we can be ‘so heavenly minded you’re are no earthly good’.

Bill Elliott - Expert Author

I have been reflecting on the things of life all my life and just can NOT keep from being observant, then seeing how that fits me, then sharing how it may fit you as well. So, if you are not going to learn from your own life, maybe you can learn from mine.

So… read on as I write on!

Attending Idiots Unaware
This is a story about the various encounters we have with people throughout our day. It will provide some insights to prepare you for them, but more-so to prepare them for you, too!

Dead Weight
How to let the Lord get you moving in the right (and His) direction. This story helps convey why it is so tough to get yourself on His path.

Demons & Exorcism
This is a story about not only being ABLE to cast out demons, but why even bother…

Wanna Go Back to Egypt?
Looking back through our lives is a healthy thing to do, but wanting to go back there has it’s downside!

Choose Me
God’s Will… a seemingly illusive path we struggle to follow. Signs, lane strips, or even just hearing His voice would certainly ensure we remain on His path. This story tries to help provide some guidance for you.

Finding Leon
Well… My uncle Leon wasn’t really lost.  See… he’d just been missing from our family way too long, so I set out to find him.

Deep End of the Pool
Too many people live their lives in the shallow end of the pool… it’s safe, it’s warmer, you can touch the bottom. But, the deep end is MUCH better.

It’s Gonna Zorple
Just when you think you know all you can about Noah and the Ark! This story makes it personal and very real. Come and stay out of the water!

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