Many English words have ‘dis’ in at the beginning to indicate a ‘not’ condition (Dissatisfied means “not satisfied“, or Disregard means, “to not give regard“, or even Disqualify means “no longer qualified“, etc).

Here is my spin on what these words would really mean… well… to me, anyway! Enjoy…. or NOT!

DisableWhat Cain did to his brother, Able.
DisaccreditWhat happens when you reject a loan company’s plastic card. or extension of service.
DisadvantageOtherwise known as “leveling the playing field”.
DisappointmentWhat happens when you cancel an upcoming meeting or scheduled event (canceled appointment).
DisarmWhat happens when you cut the sleeves out of a T-shirt.
DisavowalThe mean rantings those consonants do to ‘those other letters’.
DisbandWhat you call the group of musicians who are performing at the concert you are attending.
DisbarWhat happens when the local watering hole either closes for business or restructures and becomes a family dining place.
DiscernWhat happens when you don’t work for something, or gain someones respect.
DischargeWhat happens on the battle field when the battalion begins to rush at the enemy, then retreats.
DiscipleWhat happens when you remove one of the apples from a bushel.
DisclaimWhat happens when a miner’s rights to land are revoked.
DiscloseWhat happens when you actually undress.
DiscombobulatedWhat happens to rednecks when they move from the South.
DiscomfortWhat happens when you run out of Jim Beam whiskey.
DisconcertedWhat happens when on your way back to the parking lot from a very good musical event.
DiscontentWhat happens to convicts when they no longer have to reside in ‘tent city’, but are moved into the main prison.
DiscordWhat happens when a guitarist misses that important note.
DiscoverWhat happens in the morning when you throw the blankets off and get out of bed.
DiscreditWhat happens when you pay cash for something.
DiscreetWhat masons call it when their cement or mortar won’t harden.
DiscussWhat happens when you get your mouth rinsed out with soap.
DisdainWhat happens when you move away from Denmark.
DisembarkWhat happens when you put more external protection on the trunk of a damaged tree.
DisemboweledWhat happens when you are constipated.
DisenchantedWhat happens to people who move out of New Mexico.
DisengageWhat happens when your fiancé breaks it off.
DisfigureWhat happens to you when you just can NOT resolve a math problem.
DisgorgeWhat happens when you fill in the Grand Canyon or some other large crevasse.
DisgraceWhat happens when you don’t bless someone with your presence.
DisgruntledWhat happens to a weigh-llifter at the moment the barbells are dropped from overhead.
DisguiseWhat happens when gay guys break-up.
DisgustingWhat happens when the wind dies down.
DishevelWhat happens when you finally stop throwing up.
DisillusionWhat happens when you stop dreaming or ‘seeing things’.
DisinclineWhat happens when you reach a plateau or flat surface.
DisinfectantWhat happens to children the second they step outside.
DisinterestWhat happens when you are able to get one of those “same as cash” loans.
DisinterredWhat it’s called when someone removes ‘that thing’ from the punch bowl. (see Disinters)
DisintersThose that remove ‘those things’ from the punch bowl. (see Disinterred)
DisjointedWhat happens when you are busted for smoking pot or weed.
DislikeWhat happens when you un-freind your Facebook connection.
DislocateWhat happens when you move to a new town, but soon thereafter decide to move back.
DislodgeThe vacation place where you are staying. See Displace.
DismantleWhat happens when you take the Christmas Stockings down.
DismissWhat happens to a woman’s title or prefix when she gets married.
DismountWhat happens when you leave the Rockies.
DisorderWhat happens when cancel a purchase you made online, but before it was shipped.
DisorganizedWhat happens when you leave the “Records Department” at an office.
DisorientedWhat happens to Asian people when they move to the west.
DispiteSure, not actually spelled with “dis” ()Despite), but is still what happens when you have a change of heart and are finally nice and polite to someone.
DisplaceUh… where you are now. Duh! See Dislodge.
DisregardWhat happens when you decide to protect someone or something, then stop protecting, then start again, then stop.
DisrobeWhat happens to the current King or Queen when a monarchy changes rulers.
DisruptionWhat happens when you are able to get the hospital before your appendix actually bursts.
DissidentWhat the body shop does to you car when it is in for collision repair.
DissuadeWhat happens to you when you finally get off the boat and finally get your ‘land legs’ back.
DistasteWhat happens when your tongue is numb.
DistillWhat happens when you start moving around.
DistractedWhat happens when a person is no longer appealing to you.
DysenteryThe actual act of exiting a place.
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